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Version History

v4.0.3 2022.05.04

  • Updated Added new Stater Bros. Markets logo to multiple pages.
  • Updated Updated dates and numbers as needed for 2022.

v4.0.2 2018.12.19

  • Updated Updated copy as needed for transition to 2019.

v4.0.1 2018.08.20

  • Updated Updated renderings on wood-accented checkstand lights.

v4.0 2018.07.20

  • New New home experience with additional information and more inviting imagery.
  • New About page retired, with pertinent company info now residing on the new home page.
  • New Services streamlined, renamed Capabilities.
  • New Retained selection of retired products for existing customers with Legacy & Replacement page.
  • New Gallery retired, replaced with Portfolio, featuring all-new project spotlights.
  • New New contact form on every page.
  • New New footer with easy to access company info.
  • New Links added to official Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram profiles and pages.
  • Updated Clients page refreshed with additional clients, streamlined layout.
Decor Catalog
  • New Rebranded "Fonts & Colors" into "Support Documents," now available on every catalog page, with relevant documents in each section for easy reference.
  • New New Support Document featuring a selection of wood finish examples.
  • Updated Checkstand light base options refreshed for better readability, now part of Support Documents.
  • Updated LED Checkstand Lights refreshed with new 2018 lineup.
  • New New base mounting options available for LED lights with smaller posts.
  • Updated Checkstand Lights refreshed with new 2018 lineup.
  • Updated Checkstand Accessories refreshed with new 2018 lineup, including several new product types.
  • New Checkstand Accessories now include new product type: Magnetic Flags for LED Checkstand Lights.
  • New Added new support document detailing mounting options on removable signs in Checkstand Accessories.
  • Updated Power Poles & Light Tops refreshed with new 2018 lineup.
  • New New LED Retrofit Kit added to Power Poles & Light Tops.
  • New Added new support document detailing power pole channel configurations and foot plate diagram.
  • Updated Aisle Markers refreshed with new 2018 lineup.
  • Updated Pricing Systems refreshed with new 2018 lineup.
  • New Several new formats of Pricing Systems introduced.
  • Updated Fixture Mounted Signage refreshed with new 2018 lineup.
  • New Several new bracket types added to Fixture Mounted Signage.
  • Updated Wall Lettering section reimagined to better emphasize our capabilities.

v3.2.9 2017.03.16

  • New Added power poles with two light socket pairs to Power Poles.

v3.2.8 2017.02.06

  • Updated New "45 Years" badge on About page.

v3.2.7 2016.12.01

  • Updated New page design and color choices added to Stock Color Chart.
  • Updated New page design and font choices added to Stock Font Chart.

v3.2.6 2016.9.19

  • Updated Refreshed logo with a simpler color scheme.

v3.2.5 2015.05.28

  • Updated Updated design of LED004 on LED Checkstand Lights.
  • Updated Updated design of LED008 on LED Checkstand Lights.

v3.2.4 2015.03.02

  • New Replaced LED005 with LED014 on LED Checkstand Lights.
  • New Replaced LED006 with LED015 on LED Checkstand Lights.
  • New Added new LED Checkstand Light Configuration PDF.
  • Updated Refreshed headers on Font & Color Chart PDFs.

v3.2.3 2014.10.01

  • Updated Refreshed renderings and material specs on several Aisle Markers.
  • Updated Refreshed renderings and material specs on some Fixture Mounted Signage.

v3.2.2 2014.09.11

  • Updated Refreshed renderings and material specs on several Pricing Boards.

v3.2.1 2014.01.15

  • New Added Kahoots Pet Store to Gallery.

v3.2 2014.01.13

  • New Added nine new stores to Gallery.
  • Updated Revised slideshow backend in Gallery for improved performance, and gesture support for touch screen devices.
  • Updated Added new photos to existing Galleries.
  • Updated Moved Signage and Fixtures Galleries to top of menu for improved discoverability.

v3.1.7 2013.01.23

  • Updated Revised slideshow backend (Home, About, Catalog) for improved performance, and gesture support for touch screen devices.

v3.1.6 2012.08.01

  • New Added part CSA004 to Checkstand Accessories (Tent Signs)

v3.1.5 2012.03.28

  • Updated Updated colors on Power Poles to be more accurate
  • Fix Corrected channel configuration specs on Power Poles

v3.1.4 2012.01.25

  • Updated Revised all 'Straight Bracket' Fixture Mounted Outrigger renderings

v3.1.3 2011.10.04

  • New Added Blank Power Poles to Power Poles

v3.1.2 2011.08.08

  • New Added LED Efficiency & Savings Page
  • New Added Warranty Info in Product Catalog
  • Updated Changed "Side Mount/Cord Out Bottom" description to "Side Mount/Cord Out Base" on Checkstand & LED Lights
  • Updated Made green icons on Sustainability more 'natural green' and less 'cartoon green.'

v3.1.1 2011.06.17

  • Updated New Ultra Light Demo on Checkstand Lights
  • Updated Added UL Listed label/sidebar on Checkstand Lights
  • Updated Added UL Energy Verified label on LED Checkstand Lights

v3.1 2011.05.06

  • New Launch of LED Checkstand Lights
  • Updated Minor art adjustment on PPT017
  • Updated Clarified standard and optional mounting on PBB010
  • Updated Updated "Fleet Vehicle Graphics" image in Services

v3.0.8.4 2011.04.21

  • New Added ┬íViva! Market to Gallery

v3.0.8.3 2011.04.20

  • New Added new 6" x 5" Express Signs to Checkstand Accessories
  • Updated Added Stater Bros. wine cabinet to Fixtures Gallery

v3.0.8.2 2011.04.07

  • Updated Added letter codes to Checkstand Light base options

v3.0.8.1 2011.04.01

  • Updated Updated all product images on Checkstand Accessories page
  • Updated Updated depth on rectangular Express Caps (EXC019 & EXC020) to be 6"
  • Updated Changed illustrations on Ultra Light base options to better reflect actual bases

v3.0.8 2011.03.31

  • New Added News section
  • Updated Converted Flash elements on home page to Javascript for improved interaction and mobile/iOS compatibility
  • Updated Updated message flip details on Endcap Pricing Systems
  • Updated Added new info and image slideshow to Product Catalog intro page

v3.0.7 2011.03.30

  • New Added five new items to 'Basics' category in Pricing Systems
  • Updated Added mount details for Economy Endcap Pricing Systems (PBB009-010)

v3.0.6 2011.03.18

  • New Added new PVC-based Checkstand Lights (CLS051-053)

v3.0.5 2011.03.15

  • Updated Added new info and image slideshow to About page

v3.0.2.2 2011.02.24

  • Updated Updated two part numbers in Checkstand Lights

v3.0.2.1 2011.02.07

  • New Added Part #CLS054 to Checkstand Lights

v3.0.2 2011.01.31

  • New Added Flip Detail drawing to Pricing Systems sidebar
  • Updated Added 3/4" round post option to Checkstand Light Base Options
  • Updated Updated more catalog part numbers
  • Fix Power Pole Retrofit Adapter Kits now display correct size

v3.0.1 2011.01.21

  • New Pricing Systems: Added PSZ005 to 'basics' sub-category
  • New Pricing Systems: Added PBS012, PBS024, PBW018 to 'classics' sub-category
  • Updated Updated catalog part numbers

v3.0 2011.01.07

  • New Complete re-write with new layout, structure, logo, color palette, functionality
  • New Improved overall navigation by adding several context-sensitive links between sections
  • New About page
  • New Clients page
  • New Sustainability page
  • New Added company video page
  • Updated Contact page: New sidebar with large, readily-visible phone, fax numbers and e-mail address
  • Brand new, expanded gallery (formerly "Portfolio")
  • Added more stores, bringing total to 17 (up from 4 limited-use galleries on old site)
  • Added Signage gallery (replaces 'Custom' pages, 'Lettering', 'Graphics' & 'Department Signage' from old Catalog)
  • Added Fixture gallery
  • Streamlined Services section for easier navigation
  • Added Concept Renderings to Design & Engineering
  • Added CAD & 3D Product Development to Design & Engineering
  • Added Fixture & Display Design to Design & Engineering
  • Added Electrical to Fabrication
  • Added Flatbed Printing to Graphics
  • Added Simulated Realism to Graphics
  • Added Vehicle Wraps to Graphics
  • Added Paint & Finishes sub-section
  • Added Delivery & Installation sub-section
  • Redesigned intro page with usage instructions
  • Brand new illustrations for all products
  • Added new LED Lighting category
  • Added new Wall Lettering category
  • Split Power Poles & Power Pole Light Tops into separate categories
  • Restructured product listings into sub-categories based on shape, design, bracket type, etc
  • Greatly expanded Fonts & Colors page by adding new fonts, a selection of stock colors, and converting these into downloadable PDFs
  • Consolidated Express Signs, Express Caps and Checkstand Accessories into a single Checkstand Accessories page
  • Added ADA Caps and additional ADA Signs to Checkstand Accessories
  • Pulled infographics out of tabbed spec pages into more prominent sidebar in main catalog listing; no more "hidden" info on specs pages
  • Added lantern style lights to Checkstand Lights
  • Added low-profile Aisle Markers
  • Added 'mini' Aisle Markers
  • Added 'economy' Pricing Systems